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Find here some cool tips for cleaning the air duct of your home. You will be amazed with the results you will get.

DIY air duct cleaning

If you are a DIY person, you can do home air duct cleaning by yourself. You would need a vacuum for this. You may consider renting a heavy duty vacuum if you want better result. For safety reasons, make sure to turn off the HVAC system before starting cleaning. Remove vent cover and use the vacuum to clean the ducts reaching as far as you can.

DIY air duct maintenance

While professional air duct cleaning should be done at least every two years, Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Valleyexperts suggest that you also do your part in the maintenance of your air ducts. Vacuuming and dusting your home regularly would help a lot in lessening the amount of dirt that amass on your air ducts. HEPA or high efficiency vacuum are recommended for better cleaning.

Air filters routine check

Air ducts must be properly installed in order to perform their function properly. It is also important that these air ducts have filter to prevent dust and dirt from entering them, which can cause various problems in the long run. Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Valley experts recommend to check your filters regularly to ensure they are clean and that there are no gaps around their holder.

How to install air ducts right

Air duct installation will be successful only when you purchase good, strong materials and insist on getting insulated ones according to our specialists in Fountain Valley. The air duct parts must be sealed properly with each other, do not intersect and follow the shortest route possible.

Protect your employees

Most offices do not get aired through open windows but through air ducts. When the ducts get dirty, the air passing through gets contaminated, too. Consequently, it will affect the health of employees according to the air duct experts of our company in Fountain Valley. Air duct cleaning is required.

Consider air duct replacement in case of serious damage

Replacement is the more cost-efficient option. This is because the HVAC system will operate in a more energy efficient way and will require less maintenance and fewer repairs in the future. Our specialists in air duct cleaning Fountain Valley recommend the use of sturdier and more durable replacement materials.

Inspect your air ducts regularly

A simple inspection of your home’s air ducts can go a long way. According to our experts, a visual inspection is the easiest way to know when your air ducts are due for cleaning or repairs. It wouldn’t take a minute of your time to take a peek and it’s equally easy to call the air duct cleaning service.

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