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Air ducts are an integral part of any building and we at Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Valley help service and maintain these ducts right through the year. Air duct cleaning is one of the most important decisions you'd ever make as a part of HVAC maintenance. As furnace or air-conditioning systems tend to get dirty over time, it is essential to use the services of professionals like us who can clean the system efficiently by removing allergens, dust and debris and prevent allergic reactions.

Energy efficiency

We understand that ventilation systems need to function at an optimal level all the time and periodic maintenance is the key to continued and efficient operation. We help service your HVAC system so that it operates at its peak efficiency as there is plenty of energy consumed by them and you certainly do not want you power bills to sky-rocket. We combine advanced technological processes and methods and use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and maintain ventilation systems.

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Prior to cleaning, our technicians assess the condition of the air ducts and see what exactly needs to be done. We then provide a fair estimate and following your approval we start work after ensuring that your home and furnishings are protected well. Our professionals also perform dryer vent cleaning following an inspection of all components. The furnace fan blower and air vent registers are thoroughly cleaned and dried by us.

We clean air ducts using a powerful rotary brush and vacuum, this way all the dirt and debris is scraped off the walls of the duct effectively. The vacuum ensures that all the debris is immediately removed without settling in. Following the clean-up of each ventilation line, our technicians assess the duct to see if everything is removed. Call “Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Valley” today and experience breathing clean and fresh air at home every day.

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