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House Attic Insulation

Insulation ServicesIt may be tempting to use your attic for storage, but if you insulate it, you will save a lot of energy. Our job is to help you choose the right insulating material and to install it accurately. For this, we will first study your attic and focus on factors such as joist spacing, obstructions, penetrations and the amount of headroom available. This first step is essential for narrowing down your options. From then on, we will pay close attention to the R-value and durability of the materials and to how environmentally friendly they are. Depending on all of these factors, we will be able to offer a unique solution. In some cases, it can include two layers of different types of materials for giving you the highest possible level of energy efficiency.

Proper Insulation Removal

Should the existing insulating material be removed before the new one is installed? Yes, if there is damage and the R-value has dropped considerably. You would not want the old material to take a lot of space and curb the effect of the new one. Count on us to remove it as part of our insulation services. We will ensure that nothing will be left of it. The next step is the installation of the new insulation. If our inspection has revealed any leaks, we will seal them in the first place. This will guarantee the best possible end result. It is our job to ensure that there will not be any material shortage or waste. 

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