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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning: It’s Important

01/01/2015 Back To Blog

Air duct cleaning is not just important in residential areas. It must not be ignored in commercial or industrial buildings. There are many people who go to commercial buildings to work, to purchase, and to do business. Without HVAC maintenance, these individuals will be affected as they are exposed to a lot more dust in a commercial environment. There are more pollutants present in these larger areas and those pollutants are trapped in the air ducts. If cleaning is ignored, those pollutants will be released in the air and will be harmful to a lot of people.Commercial Air Duct Cleaning: It’s Important

Commercial HVAC System

The HVAC systems of commercial buildings have two areas for heat transfer and these are condenser coils and evaporator coils. These two work hand in hand in a very complicated process, and in that process they absorb contaminants that stay on the coils and leave it dirty. If coils have dirt, they will not be able to function well, making the system work harder to maintain the desired temperature. If the HVAC system is stressed, it may get easily worn out and if that happens, you need to get HVAC unit repair done and that will really cost a lot because it is complicated.

It is necessary to have clean coils so that you can save energy. Clean coils can remove heat and humidity faster and that means more efficiency. It can also help fan motors to function well if no dirt is present. When fan motors work perfectly, the air is cooler and fresh.

Commercial buildings have different business establishments, just imagine what can happen if the HVAC systems are broken. People are not the only ones affected, but the business itself. There may be products that can only stay fresh in a cool environment. Customers will not stay long in a place where there is no air conditioner or there is not enough heat, so thoroughly cleaning the air ducts is essential.

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